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Yoga Instructor


Yoga: “When the posture is steady, the mind is steady.”

“Where the body and the mind merge.”

International yoga instructor with over 25 years of practice and 10 years of teaching experience in a diverse community of students in USA and India.


Dynamic, passionate, encouraging & inspiring attentive to each student, observes and adjust alignment from ground up


500 Hours Teacher Training

300-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Dr. Jitendra Das at Patanjali 

International Yoga · Rishikesh, India · 2017

 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training with Alan Finger 

at ISHTA Yoga · NY, NY 2010


Yoga Instructor at Various Studios · Westchester and NY, NY · 2010 – Present.

Primarily teaches Hatha Yoga, guiding breath to move within pose.


Incorporates pranayama and asana instruction
Offers group classes and private lessons to clients with a variety of special needs

Chair yoga to seniors


Teaching Experience Oil Painting & Figure Drawing in Mexico City, Mexico & Florida, US Other Experience


Founder / Photographer, Oudi Photography Studio · New, NY · 1979 – Present




BFA in Film at NYU · NY, NY · 1974
Photography at School of Visual Arts · NY, NY · 1977




Yoga Alliance Member · 2010 – Present




CPR Certified, Fully Insured, Vipassana Meditation Practitioner, Fluent in Hebrew and Spanish, World Traveler

oudiyoga.com  · 914 432 7464 ·  oudi@oudiyoga.com




Practice includes a combination of YOGA ASANA (physical movements) with PRANAYAMA (breathing exercise) where the energy rides on the breath, and the breath, in turn, ignites energy.


Baby boomers and seniors are most welcome and will greatly benefit from developing a yoga practice.


You can stop the deterioration of the body. Yoga will help to lubricate each and every joint in body and allow the muscles to move freely, as well as facilitating the flow of blood.


With gentle yoga you’ll relax the body, calm the mind, and feel rejuvenated and free.

There is only one precious body and only oneself can take proper care of it.


Join me and improve every breath. It is never too late to begin!


Tao Porchon-Lynch

The oldest active yoga teacher in the world

98 years young, says "Feeling young and being healthy is everything, and Tao Porchon-Lynch teaches people on the entire planet the wonderful world of yoga"

Dr.Jitendra Das 

Guruji of Patanjali International Yoga foundation

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